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Safety & Filling


Bean bags contain potentially dangerous bean filling which can be harmful if swallowed or inhaled.  We do not sell bean filling and therefore accept no responsibility for the process of filling or emptying a cover.  Please read carefully the attached links which are required for ANY product containing beans sold in Australia.  Any product sold in Australia without this warning is illegal, do not buy it.


Resulting from the safety requirements for bean bags in Australia a locking safety zip is used in your cover.  You must use a flattened out paperclip (or similar device) to release the locking mechanism to fully open the zip to fill the cover.  We ensure EVERY zip is in working order before being dispatched.  Please do not ask for a refund because you broke the zip before reading the instructions.  “If all else fails, read the instructions!”  We recommend filling and emptying over a bath (with the bath plug in place) to reduce the bean going all over the house.